Join us for your favourite class from the safety of your own home!  Go to for the app, test out your camera and microphone, try a test ‘meeting’ with a friend. Go to here to purchase your passes (just $12.50 + hst per class), and register for the livestream class at least 30 minutes prior to start of class. See you soon!



with Sandy Tuesday, 6:00pm Saturday, 9:00am

injury free.
Cross train to improve your functional strength which adds power to your running and is a key injury prevention strategy. In this online class format, we work with body weight to strengthen your legs, your core, your cardio. Single sided strength training is key to staying injury free, as is strengthening your stabilizers and core, and focusing on alignment and good form. Expect a progressive, challenging routine every week, finishing with 20 minutes of stretching and yoga. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
I’ve been cross training twice a week for the past 2 months, and just took 7 min, 20 sec off my Half Marathon PB with a 1:50 finish! ” Susan


with Sandy Wednesdays, 6:00pm

Move with ease, balance strength and mobility
If you’re spending more time sitting at your desk these days and are experiencing sore muscles and achy joints, you know you need to move more! Reclaim your ability to move with ease, finding the balance between strength and mobility This new class format is a full-on experience with dynamic warm-ups, focused strength training, strategic flexibility training and a few minutes of calming breath work at the end. Establish stability with form and alignment as the foundation upon which to build your strength and fluid movement. One action packed hour, mid-way through the week to break the cycle of sitting. Shake off your stress, become more grounded and optimistic, and sleep like a baby! Cost: Livestream Class Pass
I love this fast-moving, inspirational Advanced practice . . . it’s challenging, gets me sweaty and smiling for the rest of the day.” GD

Women’s Tone-up

with Sandy Thursday, 12noon

Build your strength with like-minded women
Welcome to a fitness class with like-minded women! In this hour-long class, you’ll have an appropriate warmup, about 40 minutes of exercise and 15 – 20 minutes of flexibility training to begin the recovery process. We work with free weights (or cans of soup, bottles of wine or whatever you can substitute for a weight at home!), body weight, sometimes using a strap, a chair or the wall. You’ll find each session takes a different approach, whether mini-circuits, super sets, HIIT (like tabata or other timing protocols), giant sets and more! Not only will this build your strength, spike your metabolism (= burning fat longer), and give you energy: it also helps to prevent osteoporosis (degeneration of bone density) which affects 1 in 4 Canadian women. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
No two classes are the same, I love that! As a woman, it’s so empowering to lift weights, and, to see the changes in my body” Angie

Mindful Fitness for aging well

with Sandy Friday, 10:45am

Mindful exercise to build muscle & maintain bone density
As we age, we know we need to work even harder at building muscle mass and maintaining bone density. If you’re looking for a fitness class that’s designed around good form, safety, moderate progressions and fun, this is for you! Our class format ensures direction on postural form and the correct mechanics of the exercises to protect the joints. Modifications are provided for any injury or compensation needed. Finish with 20 minutes of stretching and yoga. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
Sandy’s leadership encourages me to work safely, and see what I can do to become strong again. It’s wonderful to exercise here!” Barbara

Boxing Fundamentals & Workout – 4 week series

with Lee
On hiatus for summer


4-Week Series Livestream
Boxers are considered among the best-conditioned athletes on the planet!

You’ll learn some of the fundamentals of boxing technique such as stance, pivot, T-frame & movement principles, technical punches, defense, combinations, setups, feints, footwork and tactics.

“Boxing is raw yet refined. It involves stability & fluidity; explosiveness & grace; power & relaxation; the head & the heart; the mind & the body.”

As well as technical boxing training, Lee blends in ‘dessert’ with calisthenics, and core work for an overall great workout! Have plenty of water, a towel, your sense of adventure, and be prepared to sweat!

Cost: $60 +hst, 4 week series

‘All levels Stott® Pilates 4-week Series

with Beatrix
LIVESTREAM: May 21 to June 11,
Fridays, 9:30 – 10:15 am

Let’s kick off the weekend together with this fun 4 class series!
Join Beatrix for ‘All Levels’ Pilates on Fridays at 9:30!

“Michelle Obama arms” “Turtle back no more” “Balance on blocks (of ice)” “Transitions!”

“All Levels“ means options and modifications that will challenge you in the moment and benefit you in the days to come.

“While doing Beatrix’s morning Pilates classes, we felt fantastic, flexible and fueled for our screen-filled workday ahead! SH”

Cost: $50 +hst for 4-week series

Gentle Stott® Pilates

with Beatrix (40 mins)  Tuesday 6:00 pm

Has your doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor recommended Pilates for you? Do you suffer from postural issues such as sore neck & shoulders, achy lower back? Would you like to intelligently & safely discover and improve your core strength? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes!’, then join our Beginner Stott® Pilates class to heighten your body awareness, rebalance muscle strength, bring particular emphasis on breathing, pelvic floor, lower back, upper body posture, head & neck alignment. Leave feeling balanced and tension free! Cost: Livestream Class Pass

Stott® Intermediate pilates

with Beatrix Wednesday, 12noon Thursday, 7:00pm

strength to your body
Stott Pilates is safe, highly effective and intelligent exercise. It’s designed to restore natural spinal curves, rebalance muscle strength, and heighten body awareness, with particular emphasis on breathing, pelvic floor, lower back, upper body posture, and head & neck alignment. Learn the essential and intermediate exercises while using various props. Learn to achieve neutral, tension-free posture that brings greater ease to your day to day life! Cost: Livestream Class Pass
Beatrix enthusiastically adds new exercises and the classes never feel repetitive.” Vesta

Personal Training

with Sandy Private Schedule

Personal Training Means Results
Our emphasis at Fit Journey is on excellent form, programming and progressions appropriate to challenge an individual safely and at their level, ensuring training results and an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a long distance runner or cyclist looking to push your PB, or someone who’s never enjoyed the gym yet knows you need to exercise, or if you’re working around an injury or illness: personal training will reap the greatest rewards with thorough assessment, customized programming, and regular benchmark checks. Conversations around personal nutrition, self care and accountability also benefit each individual. Variety is the spice of life! We utilize a broad range of equipment (including TRX, kettlebells, free weights, BOSU, balls & body weight) as well as many training methodologies (functional strength, HIIT, heart rate zones, pyramid sets, etc).
Welcome to an 8-week online version of Cross Train Runners! Get all the same benefits of our Cross Train Runners studio classes, within the comfort of your own home, and at your own schedule. This program includes 8 unique and challenging workouts, 8 coaching videos on topics such as The Mental Game, Periodization, Nutrition, etc, and a free 15 min Coaching Session with Sandy. Get to race day strong, at your peak, and injury free! Cost: $89 + hst


Hatha Level I/II

with Sandy
Tuesday, 9:00am

Build Strength, challenge balance, find your centre
Hatha yoga is the ‘original’ yoga practice from which many other styles have expanded. It’s the fundamental postures (asana) co-ordinated with the breath in a flowing manner, as well as mindful breath practices (pranayama), mindfulness, and meditation. Level I incorporates lying, seated and standing postures, including balance. Level II layers on more advanced versions of these postures, including back extensions, arm balances and inversions. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
This is my neighbourhood oasis! I know I’ll be challenged and stretched (more than just physically), and feel wonderful every time. It feels like each practice is just for me!” Robyn

Yin/Restorative Yoga

with Denise Tuesday, 7:30pm

Some call this dessert! Delicious Yin & Restore
Combine the quiet yet powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the healing, relaxing practice of Restorative Yoga for a delicious, centering result. Yin poses focus on the connective tissues and muscles of the legs, hips, back, chest & shoulders. Restorative poses are fully supported with soft props. Denise gently guides you to further open the energy lines to encourage release and healing. This practice is especially beneficial for those with tight muscles and joints, or who are experiencing anxiety or fatigue, or who simply need to step away from the intensity of life. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
This is dessert for me! After caring for everyone else in my day, I can come and attend to my needs, love the deep holds of Yin and crave the wonderful relaxation of Restorative.”  Leslie

Gentle Yoga

with Sandy Thursday, 10:30am

Gently improve flexibility, calm your mind & relax
If you like the sound of yoga’s benefits (flexibility, strength, joint ease, relaxation) but don’t know where to start, this is the class for you! This is a gentle, well-instructed practice, with modifications for every level and compensation. You’ll learn the basic postures, breathing techniques, and find yourself relaxed and refreshed when done! Cost: Livestream Class Pass
I’ve tried yoga for years with little success. Then I found Fit Journey . . . making Yoga accessible to all levels. I’m home!” Barbara

Yoga for Runners – 4 Week Series

with Sandy
On hiatus for summer

4-Week series livestream
No matter where you are in the training cycle, incorporating yoga will help! Special focus on releasing tight hips, lengthening sore hamstrings, calves, lower back, strengthening stabilizers and core; balancing differences from side to side. Considered by many endurance athletes to be injury prevention & cross training combined.

This LIVESTREAM series will help you reset your physical body as well as reduce your level of stress and finish with a smile! You’ll need your own mat, strap and one block (note these can be purchased at the studio, new or used). The recording of each of the 4 classes will be available to you up til February 11th!

COST: 4-Week Series, $70 + hst


Yoga for Runners

with Sandy Saturday, 10:30am

Yoga can put the sprint back in your run!
No matter where you are in the training cycle, incorporating yoga will help! Special focus on releasing tight hips, lengthening sore hamstrings, calves, lower back, strengthening stabilizers and core; balancing differences from side to side. Considered by many endurance athletes to be injury prevention & cross training combined. Cost: Livestream Class Pass
I always feel every pose and sequence is just right for my body – just what I need. I’m positive I made it thru my first Half Marathon training, injury free, because of Sandy’s classes and guidance.” Shlo



Wednesday, April 1 only Join Beatrix for video pilates class: a postural re-set, a 20 minute beginner or a 20 minute intermediate class  Cost: FREE!

Beatrix’ 8-minute Pilates Postural Re-Set

Beatrix Nagy Wednesday, April 1, 12noon

Get your mind connected to your body with this 8-minute postural re-set video, also used as a warm-up before any class, or as a break when sitting in front of your computer for too long… If you have a foam roller, you can do all the supine (lying on your back) exercises while lying on it like a hot-dog!  Cost: FREE!

Beatrix’ Beginner Mat Pilates

Beatrix Nagy Wednesday, April 1, 12noon

Take time to build your practice with this beginner mat workout by Beatrix. She continues training you, from her foundations/introduction to Pilates course with a class that focuses on creating relationships within the body that one can carry over to the intermediate mat work. She takes basic exercises and finds connections with them so you can start to see the full system. Cost: FREE!

Beatrix’ 30 Minute Intermediate Mat Pilates

Beatrix Nagy Wednesday, April 1, 12noon

Beatrix teaches a Mat workout that emphasizes arm work by using light hand weights. She starts with supine arm exercises and continues with mat exercises incorporating the weights. This class is great for those who want to add variety to their Mat routine, as well as extra arm and abdominal resistance into their workout. Cost: FREE!

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