Welcome back to our beautiful Fit Journey studio at 566 Annette Street! All of our IN-STUDIO classes are run as a 4-week, pre-registered series.  We have strict safety and sanitization protocols in place, including wearing your mask as you enter and as you leave. Please do not come to class if you’re feeling ill, running a fever, or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. Here are our full Guidelines for attending IN-STUDIO classes. If you miss a class, you can connect with Sandy to do a make-up in a LIVESTREAM class. Make-ups must be done within the 4 week timeframe of the series. We look forward to seeing you in person again!




We Help You Achieve Your Goals
Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to improve your strength and endurance; or someone who’s never found working out fun, or if you’re recovering from injury and need a prescriptive approach . . . we meet you at your level and help you achieve your goals.

Cross Train RUnners

with Connie
4 – class Series: Oct 19 – Nov 9
Mondays,  6:30 – 7:30 am
with Sandy
4 – class Series: Oct 22 – Nov 11
Thursdays,  7:30 – 8:30 pm

injury free.

Improve your functional strength
In-Studio, training with Kettlebells, TRX, BOSU, balls and body weight to work every aspect of fitness: technical form, cardio push, core integration, leg strength & explosive power, balance, endurance, hips, posture, and more. With good technique, a strong mindset and willing heart, you can impact your level of fitness significantly in just one hour per week.
Add power to your running
Designed specifically for the needs of distance runners, we target glutes and inner thighs, core integration, postural strength and stability, and strength/flexibility balance. This workout will leave you sweating, pushed, and invigorated . . . and a little sore for a day or so!
Cross training is a key injury prevention strategy

COST: 4-Class Series: starts week of Sept 14, $100 + hst

I’ve been cross training twice a week for the past 2 months, and just took 7 min, 20 sec off my Half Marathon PB with a 1:50 finish! ” Susan

Boxing Fundamentals and Workout

with Lee
4 – class Series: Oct 19 – Nov 9
Mondays,  6:30 – 7:30 pm

your fitness!

Boxers are considered among the best-conditioned athletes on the planet.
You’ll learn some of the fundamentals of boxing technique such as stance, pivot, T-frame & movement principles, technical punches, defense, combinations, setups, feints, footwork and tactics.

“Boxing is raw yet refined. It involves stability & fluidity; explosiveness & grace; power & relaxation; the head & the heart; the mind & the body.”

As well as technical boxing training, Lee blends in ‘dessert’ with calisthenics, and core work for an overall great workout! Have plenty of water, a towel, your sense of adventure, and be prepared to sweat!
COST: $100 + hst for the 4-class series


This is not Boxercise! Lee inspires me to push to the max while working technically, so I’m learning how to legitimately box.  I’m still not a great skipper, but my left hook is a killer.” Michelle

Yoga and Pilates

Come Home to Yoga and Pilates at Fit Journey!
Both Yoga and Pilates can be very beneficial to bringing strength, balance and vitality to your being. We practice Hatha Yoga which is accessible to one and all, and Stott® Pilates which has the intelligent blend of technique & structure, with progressions. Both Yoga and Pilates are offered in the spirit of enabling one to work well with your body/mind/spirit connections as you build strength, flexibility, balance and optimism.

Stott® Intermediate Pilates

with Beatrix
4 – class Series:
Mondays, Oct 19 – Nov 9
9:30 – 10:30 am
Wednesdays, Oct 21 – Nov 11
12-noon – 1pm

strength to your body
Stott Pilates is safe, highly effective and intelligent exercise. It’s designed to restore natural spinal curves, rebalance muscle strength, and heighten body awareness, with particular emphasis on breathing, pelvic floor, lower back, upper body posture, and head & neck alignment. Learn the essential and intermediate exercises while using various props (all provided at the studio). Learn to achieve neutral, tension-free posture that brings greater ease to your day to day life!
Cost: $80 + hst for the 4-class series
Beatrix enthusiastically adds new exercises and the classes never feel repetitive.” Vesta

Yoga for Runners

with Sandy
4 – class Series: Oct 22 – Nov 12
Thursdays,  6:00 – 7:00pm

Yoga can put the sprint back in your run!
No matter where you are in the training cycle, incorporating yoga will help! Special focus on releasing tight hips, lengthening sore hamstrings, calves, lower back, strengthening stabilizers and core; balancing differences from side to side. Considered by many endurance athletes to be injury prevention & cross training combined.
Cost: $80 + hst for the 4-class series
I always feel every pose and sequence is just right for my body – just what I need. I’m positive I made it thru my first Half Marathon training, injury free, because of Sandy’s classes and guidance.” Shlo

Hatha I/II

with Sandy
4 – class Series: Oct 23 – Nov 13
Fridays,  12-noon – 1:00 pm

Build your stamina & strength: find your center
Hatha yoga is the ‘original’ yoga practice from which many other styles have evolved. We sequence the fundamental postures (asana) with the breath in a flowing manner, blending in other mindful practices including pranayama, meditation, understanding physiology, and thought management. We work through lying, seated and standing postures, building toward a peak sequence including hip and heart openers, and balance.

This In-Studio series will be managed with strict protocols to ensure 6’ social distancing at all times, thorough disinfection of all surfaces, managed entry and departure. You will need to bring your own mat, strap and block (note these can be purchased at the studio, new or used). As well, this class will be offered simultaneously on our Livestream platform, so you can practice from home!


This is my neighbourhood oasis! I know I’ll be challenged and stretched (more than just physically), and feel wonderful every time. It feels like each practice is just for me!” Robyn

Yin / Restorative Yoga

Denise Ho; 75 minutes

Some call this dessert! Delicious Yin & Restore
Combine the quiet yet powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the healing, relaxing practice of Restorative Yoga for a delicious, centering result. Yin poses focus on the connective tissues and muscles of the legs, hips, back, chest & shoulders. Restorative poses are fully supported with soft props. Thai Yoga massage techniques from Denise further open the energy lines to encourage release and healing. This practice is especially beneficial for those with tight muscles and joints, or who are experiencing anxiety or fatigue, or who simply need to step away from the intensity of life. Cost: Yoga Class Card
This is dessert for me! After caring for everyone else in my day, I can come and attend to my needs, love the deep holds of Yin and crave the wonderful relaxation of Restorative.”  Leslie

Slow Stretch Serenity

Denise Ho

Explore luxurious flows, moving with your breath.
This slow-paced class allows you to explore luxurious flows with pauses to feel the stretch and notice your body adapting. Ease into a posture, find the courage to explore, and move slowly out. Benefit from full, deep inhalations and exhalations as your strengthen and stretch. Fully supported Restorative Yoga ends the practice to ensure deep relaxation. Cost: Yoga Class Card
If you love Gentle Yoga and would like a little more, this is it!

Vinyasa Flow

Niki Ainslie

intensity and recovery Wed 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Vinyasa Flow creates harmony with your body, your breath, and your mind.

Vinyasa Flow is a style of practice whereby there are fluid transitions between postures with a conscious use of the inhale, and the exhale.
When we synchronize our breathing with our body’s movement patterns, it cues many of our internal systems to come into balance as well, including the busy system of the mind.

This is a Level II Hatha practice, which will safely challenge your mobility, stability, strength and flexibility. Various pranayama (breathing practices) will be incorporated. A satisfying practice to clear the cobwebs, build heat to purify, and we’ll finish with a lovely supported Savasana.

You’ll leave the practice feeling relaxed, refreshed and strong in your body and mind.

COST: Yoga Class Card

Seamless movement with the breath, which makes you sweat . . . and leave with a yoga high!” Kathy

Candlelight Restorative

Michele Heuff; 75 minutes

One Wonderful Friday evening, each month
This Friday evening Restorative practice will help you switch gears from high speed to low, and tap into your body’s natural ability to release and restore.  In this safe and nurturing environmetm you can let go of your tension, calm your mind, and soothe your nervous system.

Give your nervous system a much-needed reboot!

Restorative yoga and props go hand in hand to carefully support the body as you ease into stillness and relaxation.  The long holds in each pose not only feel amazing, but also help to activate the body’s natural healing systems.  The perfect recipe to melt away accumulated stress from your week!

Soft illumination of candles helps calm the mind and move us toward a more meditative tate.

This practice will help rejuvenate you and cultivate a shift in your physical and emotional well-being.  We’ll end our practice with the beautifully restorative sound of a crystal bowl, and Savasana.

Cost: Yoga Class Card

Once a month, I treat myself to this calm and peaceful practice on a Friday evening. At the end, I’m so relaxed that I float out of the studio! BA

Yoga Etiquette

Classes are approximately 60 minutes long, and are on a drop-in basis, unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior. We respectfully ask that you do not wear scent, and turn off your cell phone.

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