Welcome back to our new Fit Journey studio at 396 Pacific Avenue, Suite 205! It’s a bright, open and calm space, and we’re happy to see you back in person!


All In-Studio classes will be run as ‘pre-registered series’, there will be no drop-ins.


Following the Ontario government’s guidelines and just plain common sense, we’ll have the following protocols in place:

  1. Daily sanitization of floors, all touch surfaces and equipment.
  2. Wear your mask as you enter and depart. You may choose to keep your mask on once you’re in your designated spot.
  3. Present Covid-19 Proof of Vaccine and photo ID the first time you join us.
  4. Use hand sanitizer as you enter and depart.
  5. Do not come to class if you’re experiencing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, or if you’re feeling ill and contagious in other ways.
  6. Stay in your designated spot for the full class. If you need to use the washroom down the hall, stay 6′ away from other participants as you move through the room, and of course, wear your mask.

Welcome back!


We Help You Achieve Your Goals
Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to improve your strength and endurance; or someone who’s never found working out fun, or if you’re recovering from injury and need a prescriptive approach . . . we meet you at your level and help you achieve your goals.

Cross Train RUNNERS

with Sandy
Mondays,  5;30 – 6:30 and 6:45 – 7:45pm
4-Class Series: Nov 22 – Dec 13

6 Maximum

Improve your functional strength
With good technique, a strong mindset and willing heart, you can impact your level of fitness significantly in just one hour per week.

Cross training is a key injury prevention strategy!

Train In-Studio with Kettlebells, TRX, BOSU, balls and body weight to work every aspect of fitness: technical form, cardio push, core integration, leg strength & explosive power, balance, endurance, hips, posture, and more. All equipment will be provided, please bring your own fitness/yoga mat, towel and water.

Add Power to Your Running

Designed specifically for the needs of distance runners, cyclists, hikers and sports enthusiasts, we target glutes and inner thighs, core integration, postural strength and stability, and strength/flexibility balance. This workout will leave you sweating, pushed, and invigorated . . . and a little sore for a day or so!

COST: $100 + hst for the 4-class series

Movement for Stiff Bodies

with Sandy
Tuesdays, 12 noon
4-Class Series: Nov 23 – Dec 14

6 Maximum

If you’re spending more time sitting at your desk these days and are experiencing sore muscles and achy joints, you know you need to move more!

Reclaim your ability to move with ease, finding the balance between strength and mobility.

This class format is a full-on experience with dynamic warm-ups, focused strength training, strategic flexibility training and a few minutes of calming breath work at the end.

Establish stability with form and alignment as the foundation upon which to build your strength and fluid movement.

One action packed hour, mid-way through the week to break the cycle of sitting. Shake off your stress, become more grounded and optimistic, and sleep like a baby!

COST: $100 + hst for the 4-class series


Come Home to Yoga at Fit Journey!
Practicing Yoga can be very beneficial to bringing strength, balance and vitality to your being. Hatha Yoga is accessible to one and all, and is the basis of all our yoga practices, including Yoga for Runners, Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Stiff Bodies. Our Yoga is offered in the spirit of enabling one to work well with your body/mind/spirit connections as you build strength, flexibility, balance and optimism.

Yoga for Stiff Bodies

with Sandy
Wednesdays, 7:15 – 8:15pm
4-Class Series: Nov 24 – Dec 15
(Note, this class will be both In-Person and Livestream.)

8 Maximum (In-Person)

Some say they can’t practice yoga because they aren’t flexible. Hmm, that’s a little like saying you don’t need a shower because you’re dirty!

Come to yoga with a willing heart, patience, diligence and your sense of humour!

If you have a chronically tight body, or are recovering from an injury, or are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety . . . this practice is for you. This yoga practice takes you from exactly where you are. Wear comfortable clothes and come with a Beginners Mind.

You’ll quickly find ease and balance in your mobility.

Yoga includes many tools, including breathing well, managing the mind, working with the physical body to cue the other bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual) to become more flexible as well! Please bring your own props: yoga mat, yoga belt, yoga block.

COST: $80 + hst for the 4-class series

Gentle Yoga

with Sandy
Thursdays,  10:30 – 11:30am
4 – class Series: Nov 25 – Dec 16
(Note, this class will be both In-Person and Livestream.)

8 Maximum (In-Person)

If you like the sound of yoga’s benefits (flexibility, strength, joint ease, relaxation) but don’t know where to start, this is the class for you!

This is a gentle, well-instructed practice, with modifications for every level and compensation. You’ll learn the basic postures, breathing techniques, and more, finding yourself relaxed and refreshed when done!

Please bring your own props: yoga mat, yoga belt, yoga block, blankets, eye pillow.

Cost: $80 + hst for the 4-class series

Yoga for Runners

with Sandy
Saturdays,  10:30 – 11:30am
4 – class Series: Nov 27 – Dec 18
(Note, this class will be both In-Person and Livestream.)

8 Maximum (In-Person)


No matter where you are in the training cycle, incorporating yoga will help! Special focus on releasing tight hips, lengthening sore hamstrings, calves, lower back, strengthening stabilizers and core; balancing differences from side to side. Considered by many endurance athletes to be injury prevention & cross training combined.

Cost: $80 + hst for the 4-class series

Yin / Restorative Yoga

Denise Ho; 75 minutes

Some call this dessert! Delicious Yin & Restore
Combine the quiet yet powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the healing, relaxing practice of Restorative Yoga for a delicious, centering result. Yin poses focus on the connective tissues and muscles of the legs, hips, back, chest & shoulders. Restorative poses are fully supported with soft props. Thai Yoga massage techniques from Denise further open the energy lines to encourage release and healing. This practice is especially beneficial for those with tight muscles and joints, or who are experiencing anxiety or fatigue, or who simply need to step away from the intensity of life. Cost: Yoga Class Card
This is dessert for me! After caring for everyone else in my day, I can come and attend to my needs, love the deep holds of Yin and crave the wonderful relaxation of Restorative.”  Leslie

Slow Stretch Serenity

Denise Ho

Explore luxurious flows, moving with your breath.
This slow-paced class allows you to explore luxurious flows with pauses to feel the stretch and notice your body adapting. Ease into a posture, find the courage to explore, and move slowly out. Benefit from full, deep inhalations and exhalations as your strengthen and stretch. Fully supported Restorative Yoga ends the practice to ensure deep relaxation. Cost: Yoga Class Card
If you love Gentle Yoga and would like a little more, this is it!

Vinyasa Flow

Niki Ainslie

intensity and recovery Wed 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Vinyasa Flow creates harmony with your body, your breath, and your mind.

Vinyasa Flow is a style of practice whereby there are fluid transitions between postures with a conscious use of the inhale, and the exhale.
When we synchronize our breathing with our body’s movement patterns, it cues many of our internal systems to come into balance as well, including the busy system of the mind.

This is a Level II Hatha practice, which will safely challenge your mobility, stability, strength and flexibility. Various pranayama (breathing practices) will be incorporated. A satisfying practice to clear the cobwebs, build heat to purify, and we’ll finish with a lovely supported Savasana.

You’ll leave the practice feeling relaxed, refreshed and strong in your body and mind.

COST: Yoga Class Card

Seamless movement with the breath, which makes you sweat . . . and leave with a yoga high!” Kathy

Candlelight Restorative

Michele Heuff; 75 minutes

One Wonderful Friday evening, each month
This Friday evening Restorative practice will help you switch gears from high speed to low, and tap into your body’s natural ability to release and restore.  In this safe and nurturing environmetm you can let go of your tension, calm your mind, and soothe your nervous system.

Give your nervous system a much-needed reboot!

Restorative yoga and props go hand in hand to carefully support the body as you ease into stillness and relaxation.  The long holds in each pose not only feel amazing, but also help to activate the body’s natural healing systems.  The perfect recipe to melt away accumulated stress from your week!

Soft illumination of candles helps calm the mind and move us toward a more meditative tate.

This practice will help rejuvenate you and cultivate a shift in your physical and emotional well-being.  We’ll end our practice with the beautifully restorative sound of a crystal bowl, and Savasana.

Cost: Yoga Class Card

Once a month, I treat myself to this calm and peaceful practice on a Friday evening. At the end, I’m so relaxed that I float out of the studio! BA

Yoga Etiquette

Classes are approximately 60 minutes long, and are on a drop-in basis, unless otherwise noted. Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior. We respectfully ask that you do not wear scent, and turn off your cell phone.

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