Let us help you find balance and strength!
When one becomes more grounded in the physical body – whether thru yoga, meditation, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition – it translates into more optimism and hope in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Welcome to Fit Journey

grounded ... authentic ... positive

Sandy Leblanc

Owner / Coach / Teacher

In 2011, Sandy opened the Fit Journey studio on Annette Street in Bloor West Village. We practiced there for almost 10 years, and now are in another beautiful space at 396 Pacific Ave, Suite 205 in the heart of the Junction. Sandy brings positive energy and compassion to all aspects of the studio, influencing the various practices, the teaching style, the students and the community. Together, we help each other explore our potential for growth, health and wellness.

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Stott® Pilates Instructor

Beatrix is passionate about fitness (and equally passionate about women’s pelvic floor health) thru the mindful movement of Pilates. She has been teaching group fitness classes for over 20 years, and believes everyone should and can incorporate exercise into every day, and learn to move pain free.

Connie Lam

Fitness Instructor

Connie has always been passionate about working with people and helping them reach their goals and potential. As a busy mom of two, she has a strong interest in health and fitness, specifically in women’s fitness. As a Personal Trainer, and Fitness Instructor, she loves training with kettlebells and TRX, customizing for each client.


Denise Ho

Yoga Instructor

Denise initially came to yoga – as many of us do – as a complement to her fitness, and, quickly became hooked by the transformation yoga can provide! Her journey took a sudden turn in 2008 with a cancer diagnosis. She then began to explore different practices and healing modalities to cope with stress, anxiety and to find peace. Denise brings a unique blend of yoga and thai yoga massage to her teaching.

Jessica Cowan-Dewar

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Jessica has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 6 years. She recently completed 850+ hours of training in yoga therapy, an experience that strengthened both her personal practice and her teaching. Jessica has a special interest in working with people experiencing stress, anxiety, and PTSD and is committed to sharing the profoundly healing practices of yoga with all who wish to benefit.  

Katarina Simons

Pilates Instructor

Katarina has been leading group fitness classes in one capacity or another for 30 years, and Pilates over the last 14. She believes Pilates gives the foundation of a strong body that can live and age well, perhaps even without pain. Katarina uses her knowledge and creativity to offer challenging, yet calming Pilates classes. 

Lee Danes

Boxing Coach

Lee Danes is an NCCP Level 2 Boxing Coach with Level 3 Technical Certification. He has over 18 years of boxing experience, and loves the sport with passion. His classes are technical (ensuring the basics are well integrated), challenging, and fun, and he has great play lists!
“Boxing is a sport that is raw yet refined; explosive yet technical; competitive yet essentially co-operative and grounding.”

Michele Heuff

Yoga Instructor

Michele’s yoga practice began as a way to help increase flexibility in her spine. Five years ago she knew yoga would always be part of her life when she retured from a retreat feeling revitalized and reconnected to her true self.
In 2017 she became a Reiki Master, and in 2018, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Michele feels passionate about sharing a safe and heart-centred space for her students to discover their sanctuary. 

Moyan Olejko

Fitness Instructor

Moyan has long been an athlete with running, triathlons and weight lifting in her regime (which may have started with baton twirling as a young girl!). In 2010, she had the honour of carrying the torch for the Olympics. Moyan’s focus is on good form, building your strength and body awareness, and finishing your great workout with a smile!


Niki Ainslie

Yoga Instructor

Niki walked into her first yoga class some 20 years ago, and was immediately enticed. Over 700 hours of teacher training later and Niki feels like she’s got more to learn than ever!
Niki’s classes endeavour to be both dynamic and grounding. She hopes to encourage breath whenever possible and loves the quote by Donna Farhi, “Breathing freely is a courageous act.” Niki aspires to grow braver still and to inspire the same courage in others.
Equipped with the tools learned from her yoga practice Niki strives to live a graceful, kind hearted and peaceful life. She considers herself a work in progress.

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