Now more than ever, we need our practices to ground us, remind us of our blessings, calm the heart and still the mind.

Cross Train

Mondays 6:00pm / Saturdays 9:00am
Mondays 7:00pm / Thursdays 6:00pm

Cross train to improve your functional strength, adding power to your sport!
In this online class format, we work with free weights, body weight, bands and more to strengthen your legs, your core, your cardio. Single sided strength training is key to staying injury free, as is strengthening your stabilizers and core, and focusing on alignment and good form. Expect a progressive, challenging routine every week, and finish with strategic stretching and yoga.


Saturdays, 10:30 – 11:30am

Yoga can put the sprint back in your run! This class will help you reset your physical body as well as reduce your level of stress and finish with a smile!

“I always feel every pose and sequence is just right for my body – just what I need. I’m positive I made it thru my first Half Marathon training, injury free, because of Sandy’s classes and guidance.” Shlo

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