A fresh start 2021

Join us starting January 1 for 21 days of a fresh start.

This 21-day program, starting January 1, 2021, incorporates Mindfulness (including Yoga, Meditation & Affirmations), Fitness, Nutrition, and some tools from Positive Psychology, all integrated to help you move toward a healthier, stronger and more optimistic self.

Each day’s topic is enriched with video, audio, pdfs and links to enhance your Kaizen focus (Kai = small, Zen = good) including positive rituals, managing boundaries and stress, improving sleep, finding flow, fitness, nutrition and overall well-being. We have a special focus this year on many meditation and stress-relieving techniques. Nutrition content is updated with insights on Macro Nutrients, Hormones + Endocrine System, Blood Sugar Management and more, with lots of food and recipe ideas!


One email per day with one small, positive
‘Kaizen’ change

COST: $65 + hst


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