A fresh start 2024

Join us starting January 1 for 21 days of a fresh start.
Welcome to FRESH START: Daily Positive Change, a 21-day program created to help you move toward a healthier, stronger and more optimistic self.

The program includes Mindfulness, Fitness, Nutrition and some of the tools from Positive Psychology. Throughout, we practice Kaizen . . . one small change per day . . . with a new topic each day and a lot of resources to help you go deeper!

This year, we’ve refreshed our assets with more audio, video, links to podcasts, articles, pdfs, as well as indepth nutrition content (and a lot more recipes!), and a tracking sheet.

There are three challenges throughout the 21 days:

  • the first is to show up each day, open the email, and allow yourself time and energy to immerse yourself!
  • the second is a fitness challenge with Squats and Planks, starting with 10 squats and a 30 second plank, and getting to 35 squats and a 3 min plank by the end. You can do it!
  • the third is a Character Strength challenge. We’ll help you select one of 26 possible character strengths to focus on daily, finding ways to build more depth, breadth and meaning.

We start on January 1, 2024, and I sure hope you can join us!


COST: $69 + hst


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