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Other Events

Mothers’ Day – Slow Flow & Restore

Treat yourself and a loved one to this nurturing, deeply relaxing practice!

Cost: $20 + hst per person

This Mother’s Day, celebrate an important woman in your life – your Mom, your sister, your daughter, your partner, your BFF! Join us online for 75 minutes of bliss as you are guided through a slow flowing practice, close to the mat, for the first 20 minutes. This will then followed by a series of supported restorative yoga postures. Meditation, pranayama, and kindness will be interspersed throughout as we travel through a heart-opening, mind calming time together.

Preparation for practice is part of the experience! As you’ll be practicing in the comfort of your own home, find a quiet place where you can truly immerse yourself. We’ll be creative with collecting props such as many pillows, blankets, and a strap or belt, and your mat.

Summer Challenge

4 weeks, Monday to Friday
July 5 – 30, 2021

Join us virtually for our 4 week Squat/Lunge/Plank Challenge!
In just 5 to 10 minutes each day, you’ll build your lower body and upper body strength, improve your posture and balance, stoke your mood, and increase your overall resilience.
We’ll start with a short vid on proper form, how to follow the progressions in the schedule, and tips on modifications should you have joint concerns.
You’ll be provided with a 4-week calendar with moderate progressions each day to map out the plan. Get your stickers ready to track your progress! You’ll do the work Monday through Friday with Saturday & Sunday as rest days. Lots of variety is woven in with variations on squats, lunges & planks. Mon/Wed/Fri are squat days; Tues/Thurs are lunge days; Mon – Fri are plank days. Access to appropriate stretching and yoga vids will also be given!


You can do this wherever you are, no equipment required (altho a weight or two will add variety) . . . just good form and commitment!


Cost: FREE!

Pilates 5-Day Challenge

Last week (M to F) each month,
June 21 – 25, 7:00 – 7:20 am
with Beatrix

Immerse in a daily dose of Stott® Pilates

Give yourself a fantastic start to your day every morning for 5 days at the end of each month! Improve your strength and muscle tone, balance your body & increase flexibility.

Pour fuel on your wellness program!

5 minute kick-start exhilarating cardio warm up + 15 minutes of non-stop Pilates based exercises using various props. All levels welcome! You will get stronger at the end of each session, and that’s progression!

Women’s Day/Pilates Challenge starts in 2 weeks!
If you bring a friend (new to the challenge) and both of you show up all 5 days, you will each win one free 40 minute zoom Pilates class that I teach Tuesday-Friday via Fit Journey.

Enroll a new friend (who hasn’t participated in Bea’s challenge before) and when you both show up for all 5 days, you each win a free private 20-minute zoom session with Beatrix!

COST: $40 + hst
Pre-register, Livestream at home

Breathe & Meditate
Monthly LIVESTREAM Practice

Wednesday, June 16, 7:15 – 8:15pm
with Sandy

Pranayama – the yogic art of the breath – is wonderful, widely varied, can be cooling or heating, stimulating or calming, physical and spiritual, and a world to explore!

Re-discover your inner calm with simple yet profound breath work and meditations.

Meditation – the art of focus – which can help us get out of our busy minds and into the insular anchor of our true self. As Bernie Clark said ‘The mind and the breath are like 2 fishes swimming in the sea. When one is agitated, so is the other. And when one is calm, the other calms too. Anyone can meditate, and it is lovely and reassuring to do so together.

Now, more than ever, we need our practices to ground us, reminds us of our blessings, calm the heart and still the mind.

COST: $20 + hst
Pre-register, Livestream at home

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