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Candlelight Restorative, monthly practice

Friday, Mar 20, Apr 17, May 22, June 19, 7:00 – 8:15pm
with Michele Heuff

This Friday evening Restorative practice will help you switch gears from high speed to low, and tap into your body’s natural ability to release and restore.  In this safe and nurturing environment, you can let go of your tension, calm your mind, and soothe your nervous system.

Give your nervous system a much-needed reboot!

Restorative Yoga and props go hand in hand to carefully support the body as you ease into stillness and relaxation.  the long holds in each pose not only feel amazing, but also help to activate the body’s natural healing systems.  The perfect recipe to melt away accumulated stress from your week!

Soft illumination of candles helps calm the mind and move us toward a more meditative state.

This practice will help rejuvenate you and cultivate a shift in your physical and emotional well-being.  We’ll end our practive with the beautifully restorative sound of a crystal bowl, and Savasana.

Cost: Yoga Class Card

Advanced Series Stott® Pilates

with Beatrix Nagy
March 4 – April 29
Wednesdays, 11:30-12 Noon

Have you been practicing Intermediate Pilates and want to hit the next level?

This is IT!

This fast flowing, short repetition practice takes it up a big notch or two! Experience all the benefits of a Pilates mat class in just 30 minutes.

Take a break mid-week with this great stress-buster!

“I love this fast-moving, inspirational Advanced practice . . . it’s challenging, gets me sweaty and smiling for the rest of the day.” GD

COST: 9 classes $105 + hst;
Drop-in $17 + hst

Gentle Yoga
Teacher Training
Part 1

with Sandy LeBlanc
10 hours
Fri/Sat/Sun, Coming Spring 2020

Gentle Yoga is an antidote for our times. Our culture tends to place a lot of emphasis on productivity, multi-tasking and accomplishments. This creates a burden that goes deep, and, over time, can lead to distress, injury and even illness.

A teacher training for care-givers, yoga teachers, body workers, and/or for your own self care.

This two-day workshop will provide insights, tools and techniques for care-givers of all kinds (whether caring for aging parents, ill family or friends, those dealing with anxiety and stress, etc.). It will also appeal to yoga teachers and body workers, providing more in-depth tools, techniques, philosophy, and physiology to add to your practices with your students and clients. And on a personal level, for your own self-care as you go through transition or a personal health crisis. More details soon!

COST: $245 + hst
(includes comprehensive handout)

Friday, 6:30 – 9:00pm
Introductions & overview of the training
Combination of Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Meditation
Review 8 Limbs, Kosha’s, Vayu’s, Chakras
Gentle Yoga Practice including Yoga Nidra
Discussion and review Reading Assignments

Saturday, 1:00 – 5:00pm
The Tools of Gentle Yoga: asana, stretching, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, neuroscience
Student types and contra-indications
Planning the practice: theme, postures, pranayama, sequencing
Our Role: leadership, observation, touch, propping, finding your voice (tone, language (gentle lexicon), tone, humour)
Review Practice Teaching lesson plan for Sunday, allocate sections, and if time, partner and practice

Sunday, 1:00 – 5:00pm
Restorative Yoga: Propping and Cueing
Shared Practice Teaching, with feedback and support
Sampler Meditation Practice & Develop 2 ‘Student Type’ practices
Final Gentle Practice, discussion and blessing

HATHA YOGA ILLUSTRATED is required for this training. You can purchase at Indigo.ca, or we will have a limited number of copies for sale at the studio. Cost: $20 + hst.

Gentle Yoga
Teacher Training
Part 2

with Sandy LeBlanc
20 hours
4 Sunday afternoons, 1 – 6 pm
Fall 2020, date TBD

As a natural extension to those who’ve taken Gentle Yoga Teacher Training, Part One:

Going deeper, using the tools and techniques of Gentle Yoga, in application to student archetypes.

4 ‘deep dives’ on Sunday afternoons, exploring Postures (alignment, cueing, propping and sequencing), Meditation, Pranayama, Mudras, Philosophy and Psychology around key student types, taking into account contra-indications, and crafting practices we can take to our students, clients, patients, family and friends.

Sunday: Tight Bodies
A Weekend Warrior, and a Whiplash Victim

Sunday: Anxiety
A PTSD Sufferer, and a Millennial

Sunday: Illness / Life Changes
Cancer Diagnosis, and Going thru Grief or Divorce

Sunday: Aging
Arthritis, and Hearing Loss

COST: $445 + hst
(includes additions to binder)

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