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4-week series

Boxing fundamentals & workout

4-Week Series
with Lee
LIVESTREAM – Oct 18 – Nov 8
Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30pm
Boxers are considered among the best-conditioned athletes on the planet!

You’ll learn some of the fundamentals of boxing technique such as stance, pivot, T-frame & movement principles, technical punches, defense, combinations, setups, feints, footwork and tactics.

“Boxing is raw yet refined. It’s movement involves agility and stability; lightness and power; poetic fluidity and graceful explosiveness; and the dynamic breath of the heart’s integration with the body and mind.”

As well as technical boxing training, Lee blends in ‘dessert’ with calisthenics, and core work for an overall great workout! Have plenty of water, a towel, your sense of adventure, and be prepared to sweat!

Cost: $60 +hst for the 4-week series

Yoga for runners

4-Week Series

with Sandy
LIVESTREAM – Nov 4 – 25
Thursdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm

No matter where you are in the training cycle, incorporating yoga will help! Special focus on releasing tight hips, lengthening sore hamstrings, calves, lower back, strengthening stabilizers and core; balancing differences from side to side. Considered by many endurance athletes to be injury prevention & cross training combined.

“I always feel every pose and sequence is just right for my body – just what I need. I’m positive I made it thru my first Half Marathon training, injury free, because of Sandy’s classes and guidance.” Shlo

This LIVESTREAM series will help you reset your physical body as well as reduce your level of stress and finish with a smile! You’ll need your own mat, strap and one block.

The recording of each of the 4 classes will be available to you up til October 7th.

Cost: $70 +hst for the 4-week series

Early Bird FIT

4-Week Series

with Sandy
LIVESTREAM – Nov 5 – 26
Fridays, 7:00 – 7:45am

It’s back . . . Friday morning ‘rise & shine’!

Have the best of both worlds: get your fitness in before you start your work day, AND roll out of bed for 7am with this Livestream class series!

We’ll work on getting the max out of our 45 minutes together: 5 – 7 min thorough warm up; 30 minutes of intense focus (HIIT, doubling up, cardio and strength); and 5 – 7 minutes of warm down and stretch.

Variety, focus, challenge . . . and a big smile at the end!

Build your strength, spike your metabolism, fix imbalances, push your endurance and lots of variety and challenges! Get your workout area primed and ready with free weights, bands, kettlebells if you have them, mat, water & towel. This class will start and end on time to help you get at your day. (There will be no carry overs if you miss a class, however we can apply it to another weekly Livestream before Oct 8.)

Cost: 4-Week Series: $60 + hst, Drop-in: $17.50 + hst

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